-on worries of a writer

written by: Sanzida Begum

Here’s the thing about being a writer: I worry… a lot.

I worry about the blank pages that have to be filled and whether the writing that will fill those pages will make sense to my readers. I worry about the words that don’t come and how long it will take for it to arrive. I worry that my pages will be left blank and the words just won’t come.

I worry about where to start and where to end. I worry about the beginning and the end. I worry about whether I have captured my readers attention and whether I have left them wanting more. I worry about which image will capture a wider range of reader. I worry about if I’m being inclusive enough. I worry if I offend anyone. I also worry about the middles. Am I being too simple? Am I being too detailed? Am I being too repetitive? I worry… a lot.


written by: Afnan A.

You know those romantic comedy movies where someone falls in love with the other and that other person is completely oblivious about it? Magically after awhile, the other person also gets attacked by cupid and falls in love as well. After a twist and a climax those movies usually end with a cliché kissing scene and an “I love you so much” “I love you too, more than words can describe…” 

Yeah. You know what I am talking about. What if I told you my love life is exactly the opposite of those scenarios? Yeah it’s pretty sad. What’s even sadder is that I grew up watching those movies believing that those preposterous movies could be true, but in real life those movies are nothing but utter bullshit.
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